Veterans Stay Connected…

Your support is paving the way to success!

No matter how long a journey, they all begin with a single step. Or in this case, with a single meal, delivered by a caring Meals on Wheels New Mexico volunteer. Kind people like Ed, a staff driver, and Vietnam Veteran. Ed often wears a veteran hat or shirt during his deliveries. For him, it is common that this will spark a conversation with a client about their own time in the service.

Ed told us, “It’s so surprising how many [vets] you meet while delivering!” He loves bonding with veteran clients about their times of service, branch, and any combat they may have seen. Ed also saves a special joke for any former Marines he meets! As a Navy man himself, he tells all Marines that “he served as their transportation.” Joking aside, Ed always makes time to thank every veteran client for their service and sacrifice.

Because of you, Ed can connect with the many veterans he meets. Each delivery he makes also marks progress on the road to One Million Meals. Over the next five years, your generosity will deliver one million meals to feed your neighbors in need throughout the state.

The chart shows the difference your support has made in your community. You’ve helped Meals on Wheels New Mexico exceed last year’s delivery totals each month throughout 2023!

While the impact of Meals on Wheels New Mexico has grown, the heart of the mission remains unchanged: nutritious, medically tailored meals, delivered by caring volunteers and staff like Ed.

Each driver forms meaningful connections with your neighbors facing food insecurity. Recent feedback from clients shows the power of your support: “Much appreciation for the kindness of people delivering meals—you have a good loving group!”

The journey has begun, and you are leading the way. As you read more stories of the impact you have made possible, please accept our gratitude for paving the road to success.

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