Help feed a homebound neighbor!

One meal.  Delivered by a compassionate volunteer.  Every day.  These three critical elements have proven year after year to transform the health and well-being of hungry neighbors.

When neighbors eat better, they feel better.  They stay in their homes, living with dignity and respect.  They are happier, and they are not isolated.  And most importantly, they remain strong and healthy, not allowing disease or illness to take their spirit away.

We rely on the generosity of people like you to help keep our wheels turning. We are committed to ending hunger and isolation in our state.  We invite you to join us.

Monthly Giving

Join the Breakfast Club by giving a monthly gift of $10 or more! Simply select the monthly donation checkbox on the donation form!

Monthly giving offers numerous benefits, both for you and the community you live in. Your consistent support helps reach more individuals in need and makes a lasting difference in their lives. Moreover, as a monthly donor, you become a part of our Breakfast Club, receiving updates on the impact of your contributions. 

Adopt a Route

When you adopt a Meals on Wheels delivery route, you give nutritious, life-saving meals to your neighbors in need! Adopting a route helps us serve in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and across New Mexico!

Adopt a Route: $1,950

We will name a route in honor of your loved one for an entire year and notify them of your generosity in their honor.

Not ready to Adopt-A-Route, but still want to honor your loved one? 

You can choose to receive a branded card that you can share to notify your loved one of your gift in their honor.

Join The Club

Our Giving Clubs are leadership giving circles created to help Meals on Wheels New Mexico serve even more hungry neighbors across the state. Members make a difference in the lives of neighbors who are most in need, now and in the future!

Joining a giving club allows you to be part of a passionate and like-minded community that shares a common goal of making a difference. By joining one of our giving clubs, you gain exclusive access to unique opportunities, events, and experiences that deepen your connection to the cause and amplify the impact of your generosity.

Step into a world of corporate generosity with The Business Banquet Club. As a member of this exclusive club, businesses can gather around the table of philanthropy, indulging in the joy of making a meaningful impact through their contributions. Together, we can create a bountiful banquet of support, nourishing the community, and bringing a taste of positive change to those in need.

Other Ways to Give

Get your gift matched to double your impact! Create a Facebook Fundraiser! Create a Cause Marketing Campaign! Shop at Forage. There are so many other ways to give!


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