Our Values Promise

No matter if you are a client, volunteer, donor, staff member, or community member, we promise to live by our values in every interaction.

Compassion – above and beyond support

  • We demonstrate sincere interest in the well-being of others
  • We consider all involved – inside and outside of the organization
  • We are respectful, inclusive and understanding of individual situations
  • We give encouragement and gratitude to all
  • We show empathy and a willingness to understand

Reliability – honesty and excellence

  • We are consistent and accurate
  • We perform ethically
  • We show up as promised
  • We fulfill our commitments with exceptional quality

Service – contribution to others’ wellness

  • We serve our community in ways beyond our mission
  • We serve with a focus on quality in our products and services
  • We contribute to client welfare through kindness, food safety, and training
  • We perform with integrity

Teamwork – collaboration to achieve our mission

  • We work together equitably
  • We help each other succeed
  • We focus on “us” before “me”
  • We offer support to colleagues as our default
  • We practice open, honest, and upfront communication

Would you like to recognize a team member or volunteer for living our values? Or do you feel like we missed the mark in an interaction with you? Please let us know by emailing at sfrost@mow-nm.org.

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