Cathy has been a volunteer driver with Meals on Wheels for over four years. A friend was a volunteer and asked her to join on a route one day. She enjoyed it and decided to sign up herself. She says, “I love taking meals to clients!” She finds that she has a connection with all the clients around her own age, and loves building relationships with those with similar life experiences.

Cathy says her impression of Meals on Wheels from the beginning was that “everyone is kind, and the processes are well organized.” She wants community members to know that you don’t have to be a senior to receive meals. She has neighbors on her route that are caregivers who receive meals along with their clients, so they can eat together. “That is what makes you all unique, that you serve anyone of any age for any reason.”

Cathy enjoys delivering so much that she has a permanent route and substitutes a few other days a week. She and her trusty SUV are always ready to go. She recently recruited another friend from church who rides along with her, and they take turns going to the clients’ doors. They both love seeing the big smile they get at each home as they arrive with delicious meals. Cathy encourages anyone interested in volunteering to give it a try. She would be happy to take you along for a ride!