Mary grew up in El Pueblo, New Mexico, and moved to Albuquerque in 1971 to get a job when she first met her husband. She was a substitute and full-time schoolteacher for many years.
In her late 70’s she began having trouble walking,
so she retired and now uses a walker.
She says, “My legs just gave out.”   

No longer able to cook for herself, Mary tried other local meal delivery programs without any luck. Finally, last year, she landed at Meals on Wheels of Albuquerque, and Mary is thrilled to receive her delicious meals. She says, “I love my Meals on Wheels meals; they are so good.
The others I tried were not.”   

As she arrives at the front door, assisted by her walker, she is all smiles and excited to see her volunteer driver. The driver graciously agrees to follow Mary inside and puts her meal in the kitchen for her. Mary is so thrilled to have a friendly face to visit with for a few minutes each day. Finally, the volunteer bids her farewell, and Mary waves “goodbye, see you later”.     

Mary is thrilled to see fresh salads with local ingredients delivered throughout the year. It brings back memories, memories of a time she used to grow vegetables in her own beautiful garden. Gardening was one of her favorite hobbies. Unfortunately, due to the walker, she cannot do it anymore. Having fresh salad to enjoy is a delight and allows her to reminisce, especially in the winter months.     

When asked what she would say to others considering meal delivery from Meals on Wheels, she says,
“I wish they would get them, because they are really good!”