Chyrisse (pronounced Cherise) was born in South Africa in the country of Zimbabwe. Her parents came to the United States in 1977 and Chyrisse worked as a nurse in the U.S. Army. She was the 195th woman to go into the Army at the time.

A LIFE (Low-Income Food & Enrichment) program client since July 2013, Chyrisse and her case worker reached out to Meals on Wheels when she was no longer able to cook for herself due to medical reasons.

Today, Chyrisse receives five frozen lunches a week and pet food from our Long Leash on Life program. Chyrisse has two dogs (her “pride and joy”) and depends on the grooming and vet services Meals on Wheels provides.

Chyrisse says that if it wasn’t for her son and the people who support Meals on Wheels, she “would be in sad shape.” Chyrisse would like all Meals on Wheels donors and volunteers to know that she is extremely thankful for your sacrifice and service. And Chyrisse, we are thankful for yours.