alex and boys

Alex and his two boys, Anand and Sathya

What’s a typical day for you on a MOW route?

We go say hello to the other volunteers while we pick up the meals. It is always exciting to see who is on the meal delivery sheet. Sometimes clients are sick and in the hospital, and it is always uplifting to see when they return and their names are on the sheet.

You see them every week and over time, they become your friends.

What’s been the most memorable interaction so far?

The kids and I used to visit a client who was confined to a wheelchair. He was unable to open the door, so we would knock, wait for him to say it was okay to come in, and then we’d bring the meals inside. The client had a cat named Fritz. Fritz was a people person, and the kids would pet him while I talked with the client.

The client had limited use of one of his hands, but that didn’t stop him from woodworking and crafting miniature models of castles and buildings. He once gave my son a little handcrafted box filled with rare coins.

For the kids, it was always a special treat to visit Fritz and the client. This client showed them that life is hard, but being able to keep doing the things that you want to do—and staying in your home—is worth more than anything that money can buy.