Last October, we conducted a survey completed by our clients. We wanted to hear firsthand from those we serve if what you and I are doing to support Meals on Wheels is making a difference. The short answer: It is and you are! And we have the numbers to prove it.

To the question, “Does Meals on Wheels improve your overall quality of life?” nearly 91% of those who responded said yes. When asked, “Does Meals on Wheels enable you to continue to live at home?”, more than 93% said it did. And nearly 93% agreed that,  “Meals on Wheels enables you stay more active despite a disability or mobility issues.

Behind each of these numbers is a person. Hundreds of lives you helped change. People with stories like those we’ve shared with you in this newsletter. These are your Albuquerque neighbors who will tell you that you are making a difference. A life-changing difference. A difference they experience every single day.

But We Still Have Work to Do…

We don’t ever want to see someone who needs Meals on Wheels go without. And thanks to you, our waiting list is shrinking. But it still isn’t down to zero. Right now we have 70 people waiting to receive meals with an average wait time of 5-6 months (down from 6-9 months). It’s still too long to wait. Only with your compassionate generosity can we feed everyone in Albuquerque who is waiting for a meal.

Please Help!

We want to serve each and every person who needs us. You already know what an incredible difference Meals on Wheels can make in people’s lives. So please send as generous a donation as you can possibly make today. You know we’ll put every dollar you give to work immediately. And if you want to volunteer some of your time to help us deliver a meal, call 505-823-8082, today.

Thank you so very much for your partnership!

Click here to donate and help us eliminate our waitlist!