Why I Volunteer


Please meet Sylvia, Golf Enthusiast and Site Coordinator!

Sylvia is a site coordinator and has been volunteering for MoW of Albuquerque for about 8 months. She really enjoys volunteering. As a Site Coordinator, Sylvia makes sure all her volunteer drivers have the necessary tools and resources to make their driving experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Sylvia also helps out with other office work as needed.

She discovered New Mexico as a child on a camping trip. Due to a series of fortuitous events, she moved here twenty-seven years ago. Sylvia is an avid golfer and enjoys gardening—especially planting colorful blooms in her courtyard.

When sharing about why she helps, Sylvia says, “It is work for a forgotten population. MoW provides important life-saving, worthwhile services. Of course the food is important for those that can’t provide meals for themselves or cook any more, but the interaction the clients have with another person is so important as well. For some of our clients this is the only contact they will have all week.”

We greatly appreciate Sylvia’s time and dedication. She is a wonderful asset to our organization and clients.