At 84 years old, Angie could no longer shop for groceries on her own and working in the kitchen had become very difficult. Seeing that Angie was having a hard time, her husband, who is 90, tried to help with the cooking. But the kitchen was too small for two people, especially with Angie’s cane and her husband’s walker.

The couple began receiving meals about a year ago. “The volunteers were very friendly; such kind people who would bring the food in and I would set the table,” Angie recalled.

The couple enjoyed receiving meals and talking with the volunteers until disaster struck.

Angie’s husband was admitted to the hospital. Three days later, Angie took a bad fall and shattered her knee. After five weeks in the hospital and rehabilitation, Angie is back home. As her daughter helps her to settle in, Angie is learning to use a wheelchair and a walker to get around. Her husband, though, is still recovering in the hospital.

“Having Meals on Wheels come makes things easier,” says Angie.

For this loving couple in need, your support has never been more important.