Ninety-two year old Bill* shares his small home with his two cats and two dogs.  His wife, Laurie, passed away in early 2012 and without prompting, he proudly pulls out a photo of her from his shirt pocket.  He misses her terribly.

Bill also misses his independence because he can no longer drive a car.  He speaks of days when he didn’t even use his car to get around; instead, he ran, enjoying the exercise.  When asked to tell more about himself, we learn that Bill served in the Army and went to the South Pacific with General McArthur, to the Philippines.  After the service, he worked for Ford Motor Company in Detroit before moving to Albuquerque about 30 years ago.

While selling cars here on Fourth Street, Bill also had a part-time job tending bar at the American Legion, and that is where he met his beloved Laurie.  He reports spying her across the room and deciding right then and there that he wanted to marry that woman.  And that’s just what happened.  It was a second marriage for both and altogether, they have two sons and three daughters.  One daughter lives nearby and is devotedly dedicated to Bill’s well being, but she works during the day.  Because of this situation, Bill became a client of Meals on Wheels of Albuquerque, receiving a hot meal daily.


When speaking of Meals on Wheels of Albuquerque, Bill points to his kitchen and says he has kept all of the cards and correspondence he receives from them; some are even posted on the fridge. Saying that he really appreciates it all, he then goes on to say that, “The people are very nice and the meals are great. The volunteers are an important part of my life.”

Over 80% of our clients live alone and say their Meals on Wheels volunteer is the only person they see on a regular basis. Your investment provides clients like Bill with the food and friendship they need to remain healthy and independent.


*Name and photo have been changed to protect client privacy.