Thanks to the charitable support of Long Leash On Life, Meals on Wheels is able to distribute hundreds of pounds of dog and cat food monthly to our low-income clients through our pet food program.

Long Leash On Life is a locally-owned pet health food and supply store in the Northeast Heights of Albuquerque. This community-minded retailer was founded in 2006 by co-owners Ken Wormser and Norm Shrout, who have so graciously donated nearly 15,000 lbs. of pet food to Meals on Wheels over the last three years. Alison Perry, Project Manager at Long Leash On Life states, “Pets are essential companions and moral support for so many people. We never want anyone to be faced with giving up their pet simply because they can’t afford to feed them. It is absolutely our pleasure to help these pets and their people.”

Our 2017 Meals on Wheels Client Satisfaction Survey confirms that 100% of pet food recipients reported feeling happier and/or less isolated by having a pet at home. Furthermore, over 95% of respondents indicated that receiving pet food deliveries enables them the good fortune of keeping their pet in their home. This accomplishment substantiates part of our overall mission.

Long Leash on Life is located at 9800 Montgomery Blvd NE Suite 13, Albuquerque, NM 87111, or you can visit them online at

Click here to donate to the Long Leash on Life Pet Program (please notate “pet program”).

Any donations made to this program will help provide additional assistance such as veterinary care and mobile grooming for our clients’ furry family members.