Annam Manthiram

Meet: Annam Manthiram

Many of you might recognize Annam if you deliver meals.  She, her two boys, Sathya and Anand, and her husband Alex are Volunteer Drivers for Meals on Wheels and have been delivering meals and friendship for almost two years.

Annam began by writing grants for us in April of 2014 and solicited over $150,000 in funding for us last year.  Now, she will spearhead our development efforts as we begin thinking about further expansion and growth for our clients.

With over twenty years of nonprofit experience and an M.A. in Professional Writing from USC, Annam has helped AIDS Project Los Angeles, City of Hope Cancer Research Center, and other organizations fundraise millions for their missions.

We are delighted that Annam has graciously accepted this important role at Meals on Wheels.