Helen in front of one of her paintings.

Meet Helen, 98 ½ year old artist and lover of nature.

Walking into Helen’s home is like walking into a reflection of natural beauty: earth – tones highlighted by the changing desert-scape. Her house is filled by expressions of her passion for painting and pottery, as well as tokens of her devotion to her family.

Helen is originally from Indiana and came to Albuquerque to continue her education at University of NM during her sophomore year, joining her cousin who was like a sister to her. She met her late husband at University of NM soon thereafter.

After World War II, they bought a gas and propane delivery company in Taos, and she helped him with deliveries throughout northern New Mexico. Later on, they also made deliveries in Albuquerque. Together, they had three children and six grandchildren.

She moved to Albuquerque eleven years ago to be closer to family, and she just gave up driving last year. Helen prides herself on being independent and a a good housekeeper, and she is an expert on healthy cooking because in the past, she had to prepare special meals for her husband who was diabetic.

Helen doesn’t take her health for granted and says, “Meals om Wheels not only brings me tasty and healthy meals but helps me maintain my independence and live in my own home. And that is very important to me.”