Meet Helen:  a testimony to the power of prayer and how you are never too old to discover your roots.

Helen was born and raised in Artesia, New Mexico, although her family is originally from Lincoln County. When little, her great grandmother used to dance with Billy the Kid, standing on his feet for support.  Her great grandfather was an accomplished carpenter.

Her family not only has a rich historic past, but also a deep cultural one, sharing traditions such as making panalitos, or meat pies, on New Year’s Eve.  Later, Helen discovered her crypto Jewish roots, and as a way of strengthening her ancestry, she has recently begun learning Hebrew as well as Jewish prayers.

Helen came to Albuquerque from Artesia in order to study theology at the University of Albuquerque.  Helen found her calling in education and taught English and other topics at Garfield Middle School.  One of her students was the former world champion boxer Danny Romero.

Besides genealogy and Hebrew, she also loves classical music and movies.  Although she can read music and play the piano, she now prefers the harmonica for enjoyment and to increase air flow to her lungs.

Helen states that Meals on Wheels of Albuquerque is “an answer to my prayers. The program allows me to stay in my home and remain independent despite my health challenges.”