Christmas Presents

Many people look forward to the holiday season when gifts, food and friendship are shared between relatives and friends. You have the opportunity to touch a person’s heart by donating items through our Holiday Wish List program.

Meals on Wheels of Albuquerque on occasion also provides holiday gifts and other necessities that are donated throughout the year by individuals, groups and organizations.

Won’t you consider donating something from our Holiday Wish List this year!diy-holiday-gifts-for-pets

Help make the holidays special for the home-bound by donating:

GIFT BAGS (to put items in)  ~ NON-PERISHABLE FOODS  ~TOILETRIES (men and women’s) ~ WARM CLOTHING : GLOVES, SOCKS, HATS, SCARVES (unisex colors and sizes if possible) ~ BLANKETS ~ SMALL GAMES (deck of cards, etc.) ~ STATIONARY ~ LARGE PRINT BOOKS ~ BOOKS ON TAPE ~ DOG AND CAT GIFTS (Not food related: pet beds, pet toys, scratching posts, pet coats, etc.)

 151584740-animals-as-holiday-gifts-632x475PLEASE DELIVER TO: 5901 Harper Dr. NE     

(go to the back of the Presbyterian North-side building)

Call: (505) 823-8063 with question

Please bring your donations by December 10TH!