Leonard rocks. Literally. He’s been a guitar player for more than twenty years and a resident of Albuquerque his entire life. He and his wife, Mary Alice, live here along with their dog, Autumn, a dachshund/poodle mix who happily greets the Meals On Wheels volunteers every day.

Now disabled, Leonard used to work as a customer service advisor for Jiffy Lube. And Mary Alice still works part-time as a waitress at a nearby restaurant. And it is during the afternoon hours when she is out of the house at work that Leonard depends on Meals On Wheels for the hot, healthy lunch that you help provide.

Leonard knows that the Meals On Wheels L.I.F.E. (Low Income Food Endowment) Program has greatly improved his quality of life and state of mind. “I really like the food,” he says, “And the volunteers are so kind. I greatly enjoy their company!” Autumn happily barks in agreement.

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