Thomas Fisher 001


Thomas with his golden haired Chihuahua, Lexi.

Thomas is originally from New York and has fond memories of visiting Coney Island with family and friends. When he lived in Hawaii, he entered his dogs into the dog shows in Honolulu at the exclusive Liberty House venue. His toy poodles often won “Best in Show”.

Because Thomas was having difficulty cooking for himself, he is grateful for the extra meals provided by Meals on Wheels of Albuquerque. He especially likes the turkey chili dish and tries to eat only whole grains or whole grain breads. He watches his portions and just recently was declared diabetes free!

Thomas has a great sense of humor and likes to tell jokes. He teases his dog Lexi, wrestling with her to keep her active and pretending to steal her favorite stuffed toy. She is the delight of his life and receives food from our Life on a Leash program as well.

His advice: chew your food very well instead of eating fast!