Mario self-titled "Gear Head Junkie"

Mario self-titled “Gear Head Junkie”

Meet Mario:

Mario is a member of Meals on Wheels of Albuquerque’s LIFE (Low Income Food and Enrichment), program and illustrates our statement of “Any age, any reason”. He is 41 years old.

Mario used to work at his family-owned auto maintenance business until his Multiple Dystrophy progressed and he became disabled. He calls himself a “gear head junkie” who used to enjoy building cars, hot rods, and motorcycles and liked to race them as well.

Due to his dire financial situation, uncertainty of where food and meals was coming from was a huge concern before receiving regular meals from us.

Meals on Wheels helps him maintain an independent life style and feel good about himself.

Mario’s has two pets a heeler mix and a Chihuahua who are part of our “Love on a Leash” program and they are considered members of the family.

He says that: “our volunteers are very kind and courageous people because they are delivering meals to strangers.”

We think Mario is pretty courageous as well!