Meet Betty our vivacious artist.

Betty decided to start receiving meals from our organization as a way to simplify her life and achieve greater independence.

When visiting Betty’s home, you can’t help but notice the numerous colorful landscape paintings hung throughout her house. As a self-taught artist she paints and creates greeting cards in her spare time.

Betty spent her teenage years in Los Alamos and is featured in the book entitled “The Children of Los Alamos” written by Katrina Mason. She won an award for a poem she wrote as a teenager with the same title.

She also enjoys entertaining her family and friends in her home. Meals on Wheels allows her to stay in her home and be independent.

Betty owes her longevity and alertness to keeping as active as possible both in body and mind and eating well-balanced meals like the ones provided to her from Meals on Wheels of Albuquerque.

We feel honored to be invited into Betty’s home and share her exceptional story