How did you come to MOW?

Elizabeth began volunteering while working at PNM.  Now she works as a Senior Accountant for Skorpios Technologies.  A transplant from NY, Elizabeth’s inspiration was her grandmother. “She was somebody who volunteered into her 90s.  Helping folks maintain their personal independence.  That was something my grandmother strived for. That really meant a lot to me.”


Thank you, Elizabeth (with Toggle), for your years of dedication.

What do you want to leave behind as your legacy to MOW?

“I would like to know that in my time, I’ve done whatever I can to help strengthen MOW’s financial sustainability. I love that I’ve had the opportunity to contribute and make a difference and be able to see that.  Helping clients maintain their dignity in their home is priceless, and it’s so simple to make that direct impact.”

Anything fun our donors should know about you?

“My husband and I both ride motorcycles.  The joke is when we moved here we had to pare down from 9 motorcycles to 6.”  Elizabeth typically rides alone and has done trips across Germany and England on her bike.