Volunteer driver Charlene “Char,” a former insurance agent and self-described basketball fanatic, takes great pleasure in volunteering for Meals on Wheels and says she’s developed cherished relationships with the clients she serves.

Char spoke of Miss Helen, a woman to whom she delivered meals for three years. When Miss Helen expressed interest in a trip Char had planned to Bulgaria, Char brought her literature about the country. After Char returned, the two talked endlessly about the trip as Miss Helen had followed Char’s itinerary from home.

Char laughed aloud as she spoke of one gentleman who hammed up his curmudgeon routine whenever she visited him, knowing full well that Char’s keen sense of humor could handle it.

And then there is Miss Romero, who holds a special place in Char’s heart. Born in 1917, Miss Romero shares nearly the same birthdate as Char’s mother (yes, Miss Romero is 100!). Further deepening the bond is the fact that Miss Romero also named her daughter Charlene.

Miss Romero is one of many grateful clients who have greeted Char with a big smile, a warm hug, and a kiss on the cheek.

When people ask Char about volunteering for Meals on Wheels, she tells them “It is a joy.” “There is no downside because everyone is so happy, so polite, grateful, warm, and welcoming. You will look forward to it.”