Message from the Executive Director

We have over 400 active volunteers each year, many of whom have served since the very beginning. We honor those who have volunteered 15 or more years on our donor and volunteer wall, so check that out when you’re at our offices. Since we began this program with just 20 clients, we’ve delivered approximately 3 [...]

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Meals and meaning to life – a winning combination!

When Kathy’s husband passed away, she knew she needed to fill the lonely hours of her days. Her nephew suggested Meals on Wheels, and she’s been one of our faithful volunteers ever since. The best part of volunteering is, for Kathy, knowing that “What I did today enhances someone else’s life today. It is rewarding [...]

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The other side of the door

For years, Mary’s face was the one Meals on Wheels clients saw when they opened the door on Wednesdays. Delivering food to people in need was a passion for Mary, and she developed true friendships over the years from her weekly visits. Her husband, Chuck, also volunteered after he retired from his career as a [...]

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You, Fresh Salads, and Friendship

When Trayone receives a fresh green salad from Meals on Wheels of Albuquerque, he knows it’s going to be a good day. Being confined to a wheelchair, the little things make the difference for him … and daily visits from our Meals on Wheels volunteers are much more than a “little thing” to him. For [...]

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You provide a fresh harvest!

For most of us, there’s nothing like biting into a farm-fresh piece of fruit or a vegetable. And for Meals on Wheels clients like Trayone, Mary and Chuck, that’s a regular treat this time of year. Because of your partnership, we’re able to buy food from area farmers through our Local Harvest program. This means [...]

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How To Help A Senior Loved One Cope With The Loss Of A Spouse

By Jackie Waters Dealing with the loss of a spouse is a devastating life change, and the symptoms of grief can extend far beyond what many of us have ever experienced. For seniors, that loss can come with depression, anxiety, and confusion, especially if they themselves are dealing with health issues like dementia or Alzheimer’s. It [...]

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